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Welcome to our Hosting Club and Dinghy Class Partnering Page.


Dinghy Class Partnering.

We have teamed up with the following classes for Open Meetings and National Championships and we are keen to build on these friendships and expand our cooperation with other Class Associations. If your dinghy class is interested in partnering with the K1’s then please contact Ian Duke.



   Hadron H2



Information for Clubs Interested in Hosting a K1 Event.


The K1 dinghy is an inherently safe dinghy benefiting from the stability of the Keel.  It is equally at home on the sea and inland waters.


Whilst it is sailed by all ages the dinghy does attract an older dinghy sailor who:

  1. Wants to sail in a competitive and friendly class

  2. Wants to significantly reduce the risk of capsize and climbing on to centre boards to right a dinghy

  3. No longer has a crew


Many of our helms have a great deal of experience in dinghies and they have probably visited your club in another class.


Universally we are welcomed at clubs and implored to return in the future.


Yes we have a lifting keel but please treat us like any other dinghy.  Whilst launching adjacent to a pontoon with water depth of 1.3m or more is welcome, we can equally launch from a slipway or shore line.


We can pull our boats up a normal slipway.  We weigh about the same as a Finn.  We don't need winches or cranes.


Here are our entry statistics for our National Championships:


Year       Club                                                   Entries

2023       Mountbatten Centre Plymouth      20

2022       Royal Torbay YC                               22

2021       WPNSA                                             20

2019       Draycote Water SC                          21

2018       Royal Torbay YC                               21

2017       Datchet Water SC                            12

2016       Royal Lymington YC                         15

2015       Cardiff Bay YC                                  16

2014       Shoreham SC                                    25

2013       Royal Torbay YC                                27

2011       Burton SC                                          21


And Open Meetings in 2024:


Month     Club                                               Entries

March     Barnt Green SC                               18

April       Datchet Water SC                            17

May        P.O.S.H

We have a regular and loyal band of sailors who travel from Loch Lomond to Plymouth and all venues around the country.


We look forward to expanding the venues we sail at so please get in contact with Ian Duke

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