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The K1 single-handed performance keelboat heralds a new era of single-handed sailing; combining speed, style and ease of sailing.

This unique mini yacht has a lifting keel with bulb weighing 62kg yet its all-up weight is little more than a conventional single-handed dinghy. The carbon spars are ultra light and responsive.

The slender hull has little resistance when heeled so is quick and tacks through a very narrow angle. The self-tacking jib is set on a pole for maximum ease of control. The cockpit is deep and comfortable when sitting on the deck edge.

The result is a boat that is an absolute joy to sail and guaranteed to provide effortless, fast sailing and close tactical racing.

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Pre-Owned Boats K1

To advertise in this section please contact Ian Duke

Selling your Boat

We are sorry to hear that you have decided to sell your cherished K1

To advertise here all that we ask is that you encourage the new owner to join the Class Association and get a quote for insurance from Craftinsure

K1 No. 42 For Sale

Number 42 (2011 from Vander Craft). I have owned it from new. I had it converted to a dangly pole rig by Vander Craft in 2014. The hull, spars and foils are all in absolutely outstanding condition. Road trailer (also have under cover for trailing), launching trolley, back board, etc are all in good order. It has both Hyde and a newer set of North sails. It has only been lightly used for some years now, not really at all since COVID, and so halyards, cover, etc, are a bit green and I would recommend replacing the elasticated parts of the rigging.


It is lying in North Wales (not far from Pwllheli


 Asking price £3,000.


Peter Robbins

Tel: 01865 558450 (home) 07943 866825 (mobile – please do text).

K1 No. 60 For Sale


The boat is the standard off white hull and deck , it is ready to race and has been maintained  at all times to the highest  standard I can manage. The mast is in  excellent condition, new control ropes and has an elastic  dangley  pole system, the hull and bulb are in excellent condition, as you would expect  from its age  there are a few scuffs on the gunnels from  various landing stages.


There are 3 suits of sails, one suit is still crisp, bespoke cascade kicker two years ago.  Brand new  Ovingtons Rain and Sun cover , two tiller extentions with new flexible joints, new jib sheets, additional  non slip strips on deck.

Jeff Vander combi with big wheels,  new tyres- less  than 200 miles, reinforced trailer mounts.

All spiral tie downs, launch recovery painter, dinghy park boat support, lighting board in full working order if required.

Ideal 1st K1 in ready to go condition.


Boat can be seen at Tewkesbury SC. If arranged, it is at present at my home under cover, ( 5 mins fom club)

Asking price 5K (reduced from 5.2k,)  it will have to be cash or a building society cheque as I do nothing on line.

Grant Brown

M 07763 782288 

Land line 01684 275409 

Pre-Owned Boats K2

To advertise in this section please contact Ian Duke

K2 number 22 for sale

Lymington based SO41 and the boat is very lightly used. Price £8,000

Bought pre pandemic as one of the first of the new Rondar builders with carbon mast and carbon sails. Full cover and launching trolley.

My mobile number is 07454 778560 and this email address

Sails and Replacement Parts

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