Meet The Committee

The K1 Association is run by a committee of keen and friendly K1 Sailors. Find out who they are and what they do below.

David Pritchard Chairman.jpg

David Pritchett

Class Secretary and Treasurer

The Class Secretary, membership secretary and the Treasurer are fulfilled by the same person. The Secretary is responsible for taking and publishing the minutes of all meetings, communicating all committee decisions to the membership and keeping the membership informed of all developments where applicable.

The Class Secretary ensures that the committee are appraised of what they are obliged to comply with and that the constitution is adhered to. He will communicate with external suppliers on behalf of the class and manage incoming and outgoing enquiries.

The Treasure has a watchdog role over all aspects of financial management, working closely with other members of the Committee to safeguard the association's finances.

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Hilly King

Chairman of the Class Association

The chairman of the class association ensures the promotion of the class to the public with a view to - Growing the membership, Maintaining the strong profile of the class in the sailing press and working to maintain residual boat values/ prices. He also ensures that members are informed about the Association's activities and promotes changes to the class rules that he feels will benefit the current members and help to secure the future of the class.

The chairman organises the requisite General Meetings and ensures that the Association complies with any legal requirements to which it is subject (Auditing, Data Protection etc).

The Chairman will co ordinate the promotion of the class by ensuring that the annual Dinghy Exhibition is organised to the highest standard,

At present the chairman looks after association trophies.

open meeting and results sec.jpg

Geoff King

Open Meetings and Results Secretary
and Webmaster

The  Open Meetings and Results Secretary takes care of organising the events calendar, facilitating the events, and most importantly, collating the results from each event, and provide scores for the series.

The Open Meetings and Results Secretary coordinates the logistical details for each event, and get them published on the web site, so everyone knows what the plans for each event are.

The Open Meetings and Results Secretary will also provide a liaison between the local event organiser and the committee, and do their best to get a news article written, giving the flavour of the event, which is much more important than the bare results.

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Gordon Keyworth

Guy woodhouse committee member.jpg

Guy Woodhouse

Paul Handley

Committee Member & Designer

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Mike Deane

Geoff Worrall

Committee Member

Jeff Vander bought committee member and

Jeff Vander Borght

Committee Members