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Becoming a Member

How do I join?


The Benefits of Membership

~ Access to Tuning Guides

~ Set Up Guides

~ Hints & Tips

~ Training Videos

~ Training Events

~ Maintenance Advice

~ Entry to Open Meetings and Championships  saving £10 per entry

Full membership costs £25 per year. All K1 owners are encouraged to become members in order to support the association in its activities, from which everyone benefits.

The association is keen to encourage club sailors and others interested in supporting the K1 class to become members.  It recognises there are many who have no aspiration to sail at a national championship or higher level but for whom association membership can still be advantageous.


Click on the button below to take you to the  On-line Application Form

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Screenshot 2024-04-22 1.58_edited.png
Screenshot 2024-04-22 1.58_edited.png

Joined the Association and paid your annual fee?

Now you may access the members side of the website. To do this please go to the Members Log In page, click on the                      symbol and on the first occasion only click on Sign Up.

Having signed up  please wait for an email confirming agreement. Then you may revert to the Log In and complete your email and password.

We hope you enjoy all the additional content on this side of the website.

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