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K1 Lockdown Championships 2020 Yachts & Yachting report.

K1 Lockdown Championships 2020

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The K1 National Lockdown Championships 2020 were held over the weekend of 19th/20th September 2020. The format was agreed between Geoff King (K1 event organiser) and Simon Lovesey (Sailracer) that members would sail at their own club, in club races and each individual K1 would carry a tracker supplied by Sailracer.  Clearly each sailor followed Covid Government / RYA rules and guidelines to ensure safety was maintained at all times.

The competitors were briefed by the organisers to try and ensure that everyone sailed similar courses, albeit with the geographical restrictions of each location.  Each Club lead plotted the racing area of their own club to ensure Sailracer could monitor courses and in turn sustained speed, distance and elapsed time each individual has sailed.

The wind conditions varied dramatically all over the country with competitors in Lyme Regis experiencing gusts of over 30knots and in contrast those competing at Tewkesbury and Windermere were racing in very light conditions.

Once all the races had been completed Sailracer were able to compile the results and apply the required handicapping to allow for wind speed, distance and venue direction of travel sailed.  This algorithm has been fine tuned from the use of trackers in the “sailjuice” series over a number of seasons.

Some notable results were Guy Woodhouse (Lyme Regis SC ) who achieved sustained speeds of up to 15 knots, his description of the race included likening it to riding a rodeo bull with a really strong fan providing 30knots of wind, coupled with friends throwing buckets of cold water at you regularly!

Alf Hawksworth (Carsington SC) sailed the furthest distance covering just under 12 miles in testing conditions.  He stated he knew he was doing well and it had been a really energetic day.  I think that is as always very modest and understated as Alf also took third place overall.

Clearly the club of the day was Rutland Water SC who experienced consistent winds between force 4/5 and provided not only the overall winner in Michael Alexander but also David Pritchett,  the Chairman of the K1 Class Association in fourth place overall.

The top five places overall were as follows:


1st Michael Alexander           Rutland SC

2nd Mike Commander           Teign Corinthian SC

3rd Alf Hawksworth               Carsington SC

4th David Pritchett                 Rutland SC

5th Mike Beckett                    Datchet Water SC


The virtual prizegiving was held on Tuesday 22nd September and thanks were expressed by all who competed to both Geoff and Simon for a really enjoyable event.

Geoff had made a fabulous trophy which will be making its way to Michael, a deserved winner of the first of what will become a regular event in the K1 calendar.

Hilly King

Photos to follow.

Grand Slam

Datchet Flyer (part of the Sailjuice series)

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