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The K1 is a high-performance dinghy with a keel that just about anyone can sail in almost any wind strength, on any style of the racecourse, on virtually any stretch of water. A genuine single-handed sailing dinghy with a main and jib.

Designed by Paul Handley and stronger now than ever, with very competitive fleets across the UK and emerging fleets abroad.


The K1 is a friendly class with competitive racing combining close tactical boat on boat racing with an exciting performance in planing conditions.

The boat is ideal for all ages of the helm, inland club waters or the sea, with the keel acting as a “perfect crew” equalising the physical exertion required. The performance has proved intriguing for expert helmsmen, yet it is stable enough to be kind to the clumsy novice.

The K1 has an active and developing UK open meeting circuit, a National Championships alternating between inland and sea venues, you’ll never be short of good competition.


There are a number of routes to owning your first K1. The easiest way to purchase a K1 is to get an ‘off-the-peg’ boat from the sole supplier, Ovington boats. Ovington sell ‘ready to race’ packages for circa £10,750.

A second-hand boat is obviously cheaper and probably easier to get going!
This website has boats that are currently for sale.


The K1 is a one-design keelboat.  The fundamental objective of the class
is to ensure that this concept is maintained.


The carbon fibre masts and boom has remained the same from the beginning. The only variations on rigging have been choice of centre sheeting for the jib vs side sheeting (used originally) and the option of a dangly pole for the jib setting. Owners can, and do, experiment with different controls and fittings such as refreshed kicker arrangement or cunningham controls. This is allowed as long as no holes are drilled into the boats. It is very important to read the Class Rules (found on this website under “the boat”) before undertaking such modifications.


Earlier boats (the first 72) were built by Synthesize. Later boats are built Rondar and more recently (post number 151) by Ovington, but it was ensured (by using the same moulds) that all hulls are the same shape. Therefore no matter what age boat you purchase, the hull shape will be the same. This is despite other minor changes to rigging keel and sail supplier. The keel under the water is identical in all boats. Earlier boats had a different arrangement within the keel slot.


Early in the class’s history, the sails changed from Hyde to North at the request of the class association. The North sails have a squarer head and softer mylar cloth. Hyde, and now North are the only class legal sails except for reduced size sails as specified in the class rules.


A number of Open meetings are held throughout the summer (see events page for details) with a Nationals normally being held in late AugustSeptember.

Although the K1 is a relatively new class, the Association has an active and lively membership with over 75% of owners being members. Membership is widespread throughout the UK and we even have a few members overseas! Here is a list of some clubs that have K1 sailors:


K1 demonstration sails around the UK are available through the association, get in touch for more information.

Regional Contacts

Please contact any committee member who will put you in touch with K1 sailors in your area.